Run with the Raptors on Universal’s Newest Jurassic World Rollercoaster

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There’s a brand new rollercoaster at Universal Orlando Resort, and it’s one that fans of the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World franchises will love.

The new ride, which officially opened to the public on June 10, is called VelociCoaster. You’ll find it at Universal’s Island Adventure, on the site of the former Triceratops Encounter attraction.

The new ride is already immensely popular, drawing in throngs of thrill-seekers and dinosaur lovers, but here’s what you need to know if you haven’t checked it out yet.

The queue for VelociCoaster begins outside the lower floor of the Discovery Center. If you see a pair of raptor statues, you’re in the right place. After following the queue through a number of Jurassic Park-inspired displays, guests will enter an “examination room” with two animatronic raptors inside. Thankfully, they’re caged and muzzled. Once you’ve made it through the examination room, you’ll have the opportunity to store any loose personal items in a bank of lockers, before entering a final pre-show room. There, you’ll watch a video of Jurassic World protagonist Owen Grady—played by Chris Pratt—who will vehemently encourage you not to board the ride. If you’re brave enough to ignore that advice, it’s then time to board the ride and get up close and personal with some of the dinosaur world’s most lethal hunters.

Once on the ride, you’ll enter a pre-launch sequence, at which point it will become evident that velociraptors are escaping their enclosures all around you. That’s when the adventure really begins. Guests will be hurtled down a winding, high-flying track. Expect to reach speeds of 70 miles per hour, endure 80 degree drops of up to 140 feet, and lots more—all with four raptors gnashing at your heels throughout. If you’re lucky enough to survive your brush with these ravenous dinos, you’ll then return to the safety of the station, where Grady will be waiting for you—only to have to rush off to another prehistoric emergency.

If you’d like to take a test flight before riding for real, try the POV video below, courtesy of Universal Orlando Resort:

Here are a few other things you should know about VelociCoaster before getting in line for the ride (h/t

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Launchtrip help you create amazing experiences around global events in sports, music, entertainment, and conferences.